Why use an energy broker?

Energy Brokers are consultants that research, analyze, and navigate the energy market to provide their clients with the most cost-effective electricity supplier. The deregulation of energy in select states has made it possible for home and business owners to take advantage of changing electricity prices and pick the provider of their choice. So, whether your goal is finding the lowest price, a fixed rate, a single bill for multiple meters, or extended terms, a broker’s primary job is to oversee the research and act as your agent in the market.

What are the benefits of using an energy broker?

  • You save time! A broker can quickly access their supplier list, draft a proposal, and oversee the sign-up process in a fraction of the time spent by the average consumer. At Discount Power Broker, we take the time to research the market and sort through all contract options for each of our clients to meet their unique energy needs and present qualified options in an easy to read format. We make the process easy for our clients and avoid the fine print associated with most electricity contracts today.
  • You save money! Due to supplier relationships, brokers receive special market pricing based on each of our client’s unique energy profiles. This helps us create contracts that offer lower rates, better terms, or a combination of the two. We pass on these savings to our clients and make the process simple and easy to understand. Our standardized proposal format enables you to clearly compare your current rate with your potential new provider so you can see your estimated annual savings.
  • You never miss an expiration date! Upon selection of an energy plan, a broker will manage your sign-up process and ensure that your renewal is seamless. You will never have to worry about remembering your expiration date or wonder if you are still receiving the best price. Furthermore, when your contract nears expiration, your dedicated broker will contact you and assist you with the renewal process.
  • No upfront fees! A broker’s fee is included in the low unit rate that a broker receives from the suppliers. No fixed fees or hidden charges. This also means that there is no cost to work with a broker so all of our services are free to our clients. 

At Discount Power Broker, we go one step further. We realize that all business owners want a low electricity bill and that the selection of your provider may be just the first step toward that goal. Our business was born from our experience in the electrical contracting industry and we offer this knowledge to our clients by providing unique insights into energy-saving products and services that can reduce their power consumption. To learn more about some of these opportunities, check out our blog(link here) and give us a call if you are interested to learn more.

What does it look like to use Discount Power Broker?

We are proud to say that the process is quite simple! To begin with, we only require two documents from our clients.

First, we ask that you complete and sign a letter of authorization. This allows us to act on your behalf when negotiating your contract with our providers and access historic usage data to accurately estimate your rate class. 

Secondly, we ask for a copy of your most recent electricity bill. Access to the electric bill provides multiple things: firstly assurance that your business residence operates in a confirmed deregulated energy market and second, an understanding of your business’s annual usage to determine if you qualify for custom pricing. 

After you share your bill, our team will return an energy proposal. The proposal will contain a list of electricity suppliers and contract options that our brokers have determined to be the best option for your business. It is our goal to help your business save money a fast, efficient, and secure method. Even if you are currently in-contract, we can begin working for your business up to 18 months in advance of your contract’s expiration date and lock in today’s low rates.

Would you like to learn more? Give us a call at 281-909-4266 or submit your information Here and one of our brokers will be sure to contact you.