Abstract city lights of businesses utilizing electricity.

How to Choose an Electricity Provider

Understanding how to choose an electricity provider is not as easy as it once was back in the day. There are now new advantages and disadvantages to consider, an ever-increasing list of providers, and more hidden fees than ever before. So, how do you cut through the noise to find the best price and ensure your business isn’t losing money?

It is unlikely that your business, or you as an individual, has the time to drop all other responsibilities and host a ten-way conversation between yourself and a representative from every known electricity supplier in your area. Even if you do, there is no certainty that you are getting the lowest price they can offer. Suppliers are often under the assumption that the consumer approaching their business is primarily interested in negotiating only with them so their first offer may not be their best. Secondly, it is difficult enough to understand the attached fees included in one energy contract, much less attempting to interpret and translate an individual contract from each supplier you hope to price check. BUT, there truly is an easier way.

Find an energy broker.

When buying a home, you never want to enter the negotiation unarmed and unequipped with only your research to standby. You want an expert that you can trust to find you the lowest interest rate and see those holes in the contract you would have never inspected. The energy market in the modern day is now no different. An energy broker can apply the same reasoning to your supplier procurement process and guide you through how to choose an electricity provider without the headache, without the uncertainty, in a fraction of the time.

An energy broker leverages relationships with suppliers that can often benefit their customers by securing prices unavailable to them as an individual consumer. Market competition creates the competitive pricing you want when signing a contract and a broker’s comparison capabilities keep the suppliers accountable. Better yet, our broker’s fee at Discount Power Broker is included in the low unit rate we receive from the suppliers. So alongside seeing the competitive rate we can provide, you will know that the rate you see is what you will pay per kWh. Not all brokers are created equal and any consumer needs to ask how a broker gets paid if you decide to use this route. 

Additionally, if you work with Discount Power Broker, we can provide your business with our energy consultation services. Our business is founded upon a history of successful electrical construction practices and this equips us with the knowledge we need to assess how your business uses its energy. By visiting your company we can assess your electrical infrastructure to determine if there are simple or foundational changes that could be made to your business to further your savings. Whether you require a lower rate or more efficient electricity management, we are here to help.

So, if you ask how to choose an electricity provider, you will hear us say, the savings start with Discount Power Broker. From supplier procurement to energy management, taking the time to bring in the experts can save you so much more than just money.