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Why use an energy broker?

Partnering with Discount Power Broker provides your business with a dedicated commercial energy broker who will work to find the best energy contract to reduce your overall energy cost. Our clients gain access to pre-market pricing, custom contracts, and industry information provided in a all inclusive proposal equipped with electronic docusign. The process is efficient, secure, and free of charge to our clients.

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Does your business reside in one of these green states? If so, you likely operate in a deregulated electricity market and have the right to select the most cost-effective electricity plan. Our brokers have access to over 80 commercial electricity suppliers and conduct daily market analysis to readily provide the lowest rates.

After completing our research, we offer our clients a refined selection of contract options tailored to meet your specific electricity supplier needs.

Across the country, or next door, we are here to help your business save money.

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Combining over 50 years of experience in the electrical services field, we are eager to provide quality electricity brokerage services to our clients. As business owners, we recognize the importance of cost and time efficiency. In doing the research and analysis to provide cost-effective electricity contracts, our goal is to increase our clients' savings through an expedited consultation.

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